Logistics Trends Inc. is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our President James (Jim) Bisaha is an industry veteran of the transportation and logistics industry. Jim has over 31 years of transportation and logistics experience. He has 10 years of transportation management experience and has a deep knowledge of transportation systems and operations. Early in his career, Jim was responsible for Roadway Express’s vehicle systems. He has an in-depth knowledge of complex transportation management systems and is up to date on current solutions and technology (cloud computing and hosted solutions). He has a deep understanding of what is involved in making critical transportation and logistics decisions such as outsourcing to a 3Pl or selecting a new transportation management software provider. Our fast track approach can help clients deliver results faster and in a cost effective manner.


Jim spent 19 years in the 3rd party logistics industry with two industry leaders Roadway Logistics Systems (ROLS) and UPS Supply Chain Solutions. While at ROLS and UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Jim held a Senior Director position. He has in depth knowledge of ERP systems, warehousing, ecommerce, healthcare logistics, shipping and 3rd party transportation.


Over the last 2 years, Jim has been providing consulting services to interested parties whether it is helping them solve their complex logistics problems or providing valuable insights on current trends in the transportation and logistics industry. He has provided his insights on a variety of topics for private company’s, research firms, private equity firms and investment management firms.


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