Routing and Scheduling Software Can Reap Huge Benefits.

If you are a small to medium size trucking company or a small to medium size firm with a network of delivery trucks you may want to consider implementing routing and schedule software for your business.  The benefits of having a routing and scheduling software package include reduced operating costs, improved productivity, improved customer service and improved visibility.


Routing and scheduling software was once limited to large transportation firms that required sophiscated routing and scheduling software. Now, with cloud based applications, low cost access devices, (smart phones and tablets) and cellular networks, small and medium sized firms can take advantage of robust routing and scheduling software just like the large fleets.  Orders are feed into the software package and optimized; routes are created and loaded on to a device for the driver and the dispatcher.  The route is tracked to provide the exact location of where the driver is on the delivery route.


When the driver delivers the shipment, a photo can be sent back confirming delivery and capturing the signature for delivery.  Stuck in traffic, the benefit of replanning or rerouting allows for less time in traffic and less wasted fuel.


Let take a look at some of the areas where routing and scheduling software can benefit an organization.


Reduced Operating Costs. Fuel is one of the biggest expenses to running a trucking company. Most companies can reduce fuel costs by 5% to 10% by reducing miles traveled and idling time. Labor costs can also be reduced by running efficient routes and eliminating time in sitting in traffic. Some organizations can reduce labor costs by 20% and reducing overtime. Reduced run time means less wear and tear on trucks which means less maintenance costs.


Improving Productivity.  Some organizations can achieve a 50% productivity increase in dispatcher and route planning functions. No more building routes by hand or creating route sheets through a spreadsheet.  In addition, routing planning software allows for dispatchers to dynamically adjust routes, loads and schedules. Repetitive routes can be planned and scheduled that allow for routes to be run daily, twice a week or weekly. Employees will like the planned routes as they are based on a realistic workload.


Improved Customer Service. Having a routing and scheduling software system will allow for visibility to delivery schedules and allow for flexibility to make adjustments.  Routing and scheduling software can also allow for the processing of specific customers requests. Some examples are no deliveries after 12:00 noon or deliveries only to specific dock doors.  Many routing and scheduling software packages are integrated with smart phone or tablet devices. These devices can photograph the delivery and capture the name of who signed for the delivery.


Improved Visibility. Knowing where your drivers are is important to your managing your business. In addition, many routing and scheduling software packages have standard reporting tools that allow for KPI’s. In addition, the repository of historical data allows for what if analysis and data analytics.


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